I have been collecting for more than 20 years, buying/selling/keeping all sorts of bicycle related items.

I am particularly fond of Iver Johnson Cycles ephemera and related items.  Tools, advertising, bikes, and sporting equipment. Most everything except guns (not that I don’t like guns mind you, just had to stop at some point).

Recently have been become interested in Vintage Lightweight bicycle as well. Working with the folks at Velo Classique in Purcellville VA I am learning a lot about the 70s, 80s and 90s vintage racing and touring style bicycles.


I have been fascinated by the handmade bicycle building process and have build two of them to date.  I don’t want to become a “frame builder” per say but I am having lots of fun learning about the process and refining my skills.


Bicycles have been important to me for most of my life.  Childhood memories, best friends, and my lifestyle revolves a lot around bicycles.  Collecting, riding, building, commuting and general  bicycle culture are important to me and I will share my experiences as such.  Tips, reviews, rants and raves and other bicycle revelations will be shared (whether or not you care).

Thanks for your interest,

John Raymond


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  • Steen Kølving Jensen says:

    Hello John, I say the beautiful pictures of your light blue Alan bike. I had one until a few weeks ago as mine was stolen. I had my Alan Bike since I was 16y and now I’m 47y. I’m very sad about my loss and would like the hear if you still have your Alan Bike and if you would be interested in selling it ? The size must be between 51 and 54 cm.
    Steen from Denmark

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